Use a pull tab to hide journaling or memorabilia in your Project Life album.

I was having a really overwhelming day yesterday. I was short on sleep. The baby was just not into nap time. I was feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list and I was preoccupied with some worries.
Then the mail came.
It’s so lovely how a piece of mail can completely change my mood. I was instantly happier. I received a thank you card & photo from a couple who’s wedding we attended in February. The groom has been a close family friend of mine since the day he was born and is the closest thing on this earth I had to a brother growing up. Not only was the photo of the couple lovely, but my dear friend wrote a personal note that was very touching.
I immediately knew I wanted to add the photo to my Project Life spread for this week. And I knew I was going to hang on to that special note forever. But I wasn’t sure I wanted absolutely everyone reading it & frankly I didn’t want to use up another precious 4×6 pocket of this week’s page on that note.
So….I simply added a sticker that I folded over to the thank you note, creating a tab, then tucked it behind the card that the photograph was taped to, and voilà! The note is now preserved with the photograph it belongs with, I can easily access it, but it also has some privacy.  And how perfect is this sticker? It’s from Stampin’ Up and is in the Epic Day This & That designer sticker pack. (In case you can’t quite read it, it says “Oh Oh! Look here! You’ll love it.”)

You could make a little pull tab out of so many different supplies. This is a technique I will surely use again and I’d love to see or hear about how you add “hidden” items to your Project Life pages.


Supplies used: