Scrapbooking is for EVERYONE!

I often think there is a stereotypical image of who a “scrapbooker” is.

I know I’ve often heard that it’s a “Mom Hobby”. When speaking to people about scrapbooking and memory keeping some common excuses I hear as to why they can’t scrapbook are things like “Oh, I don’t have any kids.” “I’m single, who would care about my albums?”. “I’m not a crafty person”.

I believe memory keeping is important and that there so many different ways to do it that I can help you find a method that works for YOU. For your lifestyle, for the types of photographs you have and that you take, for the types of stories important to you.

I came across this story about a scrapbooking dreadlock dad and just had to share it with you.

photo via persnickity prints

photo via persnickity prints

I hope Matt’s story inspired you! I am not affiliated in any way with Matt or Persnickety Prints.


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