Some tips and tricks for using clear mount stamps

Stampin’ Up! has three types of rubber stamps– wood mount, clear mount, and photopolymer. I love the clear mount stamps because they save me money, they take up less space to store, and I have an easier time positioning them where I want them. Clear mount stamps are designed to work with our clear blocks, which is used in place of the attached wood piece to hold your stamps while working with them.


However, getting them to cling to the blocks can sometimes be tricky, especially if you live in a humid climate.

Luckily, I’ve got some great tips. Start by making sure the block is clean; cleaning them with the Clear Block Cleaning Cloth (item 121779) and rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner works great. Once your block is squeaky clean, apply the stamp to the block firmly—you can’t damage the stamp or the block, so push hard. You can tell if you pushed hard enough by turning the block over (rubber side down) and looking at the air bubbles. If the air bubbles are flat, you’re good. If they’re still nice and round, push harder until those bubbles flatten out.

If the stamp is still not sticking, try these two quick fixes:

  •  Apply just a little squiggle of 2-Way Glue (item 100425) on the label of the stamp and let it drycompletely. It dries clear but is a little tacky, which helps the stamp stick to the block better.
  • Because the foam on the clear stamps has a stronger cling than the label, try using the stamps without the labels. This only works on stamps that you haven’t labeled though. If you’ve already labeled your stamps, don’t try to pull the label off; you’ll damage the stamp and the label!Be sure to check out our Clear Mount 101 video too. You’ll find out lots more about the clear-mount stamps!

I hope these tips help you enjoy using your stamps, and please let me know if I can ever help you with anything!

(Images copyright Stampin’ Up!)


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