Layout “Oh that face you make”

12x12 baby boy scrapbook layout

12×12 baby boy scrapbook layout

This is one of my favorite layouts I’ve ever made of my son Jackson. Feel free to skip to the end of the post for the supply list & techniques if you want to spare yourself from my Mommy sappiness.

My baby boy will be 10 months old next week. His first year is going by so very fast. I know everyone says that, but with him, I think I have appreciated this fleeting first year more than I did with any of my other babies.  My oldest will be starting her senior year of high school this fall so I really understand how fast these kids grow up. This has helped me deal with the sleepless nights that come with a baby, knowing he won’t be a baby for long.

I had my first four children one after the other. At one point I had three in diapers. I certainly loved each and every baby, but in retrospect I feel that I at times didn’t get to truly enjoy the first year with my little ones because I was so distracted chasing toddlers at the same time.

Now this baby, my baby boy Jack, there is 10 years between him and his next oldest sibling. Although he was my sixth pregnancy and my fifth birth, it somehow all felt new again. His older siblings have been involved with everything from the pregnancy to well baby exams. His sisters treat him like a Prince, and during the days, it’s just me and my baby boy. I’m so grateful that my husband works so hard to allow me to be a stay at home Mom. I get to closely watch this little guy grow from an infant into a little boy, who at 9 1/2 months old is already so full of personality.  He is really great at facial expressions. That’s what I’ve tried to capture in this layout here. I love how scrapbook layouts have the ability to freeze time, and allow us to relive cherished memories each time we look at our albums.


Supply List:



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