My 1st Five-Minute-Friday: Grateful

I’ve been a reader of Lisa-Jo Baker‘s blog for awhile now. She has had this amazing thing called five minute Friday going on for over four years. She gives a writing prompt, and bloggers take five minutes and simply write. I thought this could be a really cool thing for me to try as a new blogger.

Just writing here, raw, unedited (well I’ll use spell check). This Friday’s prompt is “Grateful”. So here we go:

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Photo credit

Without gratitude in my life, I don’t think I’d get by.  But with it, I have hope. I have contentment. I have a chance to look for the good in the bad.  It’s not always easy. I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself to be grateful, some times multiple times per day. When I moan about the huge pile of dirty dishes, I want to be grateful that my family had the food to eat that made the dishes dirty. When I’m in zombie mode in the morning because the baby had a rough night sleeping the previous night, I try to remind myself to be grateful that my amazing baby boy is home, healthy, and around to wake me up. When my feet ache, I need to be grateful that I can walk.

I’m by no means perfect in remembering gratitude. I appreciate this reminder to do so. And I truly do have SO much to be grateful for. An amazing Lord who loves me. A husband who I love so much I didn’t even know it was possible to love someone so much. Five amazing children here on earth with me, and a sixth in the arms of Jesus. A place to live. Family and friends. And way more earthly blessings than many other people.

Grateful. Remember that.
Five Minute Friday

5 thoughts on “My 1st Five-Minute-Friday: Grateful

  1. caseyprince says:

    Hi Laura! I’m excited to comment on your first 5 minute Friday post. This community has been incredibly supportive and encouraging and I am here cheering you on as I say welcome! I love how you write from your heart and I can’t wait to read more. I’m so with you on the need to be reminded to show gratitude. In a house full of kids with needs, and messes and whiny voices we can just forget all that we have been blessed with. Thanks for the reminder!

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    • Blackbird Scraps says:

      Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I am familiar with Ann Voskamp’s work. She had a really great challenge out on Instagram awhile back to photograph your gifts. I even got my kids involved with me on it. Good reminder to pull that back out!


  2. zippiknits says:

    “Thank God for dirty dishes as they have a tale to tell
    For while other folks go hungry, we are eating very well
    For Home and Health and Happiness
    We shouldn’t want to Fuss,
    For by this stack of Evidence
    God’s been very good to us.”

    This is an old saying from an Embroidery that was reprinted in the 1980’s. Have you ever seen this? It was very popular in the depression years. Your post about Grateful reminded me of it. Blessings for keeping your attitude of Gratitude!


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