A quick thrifty tip for online photo processing


There are LOTS of options out there for printing your digital photos. I plan on doing a series of posts in the future about the various places I’ve used. I will say that Shutterfly.com has been my go-to place since 2002.  I’ll share why in a future post, but for now I just wanted to let you know a little hint if you are a Shutterfly user. If you go to the site via SavingStar.com’s cash back mall, you can earn cash back. Their current rate is 1.5%. I look at it as “free money”. That might not sound like much, but in 2014 I personally have earned over $125 by using cash back websites like SavingStar and Ebates. 

Just a tip- I find it easiest to use these type of sites if I’m signed in to both the site I’m shopping at (in this case Shutterfly), and the saving site in a different window. I fill my shopping cart, making sure I’m logged in, then I go to the saving site, search for the store, and enter with that link. The way these sites work is that you HAVE to make your purchase going through their link. If you were logged in previously, you still should be once you click through. If not, just sign back in to your account and hopefully your shopping cart items will be saved. Complete your purchase, and wait for your saving site account to be credited! SavingStar requires you earn at least $5 cash back before you can redeem it, but you might be surprised how quickly that happens.

I hope this helps you save a little money on your photo printing. I believe it is SO important to get those photos off our phones and computers and printed – good for you for saving your memories!

(I do not receive any type of compensation from SavingStar or Shutterfly. I’m just a fan of their sites and want to help you learn ways to save money too!)


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