#earlypages One of my 1st layouts, circa 1998


National Scrapbook Day (yes, it’s a thing) is coming up on Saturday, May 3rd. Big Picture Classes, a site I adore, had asked on Instagram if anyone had some of their early scrapbook pages to share. I thought it was a great idea so I went digging.

Early scrapping techniques- huge die cuts, cutting people out of photos, and sneezing stickers all over the page.

Early scrapping techniques- huge die cuts, cutting people out of photos, and sneezing stickers all over the page.

My first “real” exposure to scrapbooking was through a Creative Memories home class in 1998. We all brought a handful of photos that fit a certain theme and the Creative Memories consultant gave us supplies and guided us through making our first page. I instantly fell in love. I bought the whole big starter kit that very night and begged the consultant to let me take home her used corner rounder instead of wait for her to order me a new one. Shortly after that, I started attending monthly workshops to work on my albums with friends, and scrapbooking became a very important part of my life.

When I look at this layout, I have two primary emotions. The first is “Aww! Look at my sweet baby girl!” The baby pictured here is now 17 years old and finishing up her junior year of high school. Before I know it she’ll be off to college. I have multiple albums of her, and I’m very grateful I started scrapbooking when my oldest child was just two years old so it was fairly easy for me to get current with photos. My early pages look a lot like this one…LOTS of circles. Does anyone else remember the original Creative Memories circle cutter? It was this big awkward thing that cut on a sheet of glass that I hauled around in my crop bag. But it sure did cut perfect circles (and my fingers a few times)! I’m so glad that the scrapbook industry has grown and improved and I’m just amazed at all the products that are available now. This layout brings back memories of pre-cut paper, tons and tons of gingham print, and Mrs.Grossman’s stickers.

The other thing I feel when I look at this is an overwhelming urge to ‘fix it’. To rip all the photos out of my early books and re-do them now that I’m “better” at scrapbooking. I’m very curious to get input from other scrapbookers on this. Do I leave them all as is? I also don’t want to overwhelm myself with a bunch of new projects when I sometimes have trouble keeping up on current photos as is. With five kids I have a LOT of pictures to scrap. I at least can rest easy that these photos are in photo-safe albums. That’s a big plus. And also, most importantly, the stories are there. Sadly, not as many. I also have noticed that my early layouts are really lacking in the journaling department.  I’m so grateful that Big Picture Classes put out the idea to look for early pages, because they’ve given me a lot to  think about.

I’m going to be joining them this Saturday in the challenge to try to get 10,000 layouts posted on Instagram for National Scrapbook Day using the hashtag #NSD10K. You can sign up to join for free here.  There’s also going to be online classes from a lot of awesome people who I’m totally starstruck for. I hope you enjoyed this little blast from my past.


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